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Vinyl Floor Protection

vinyl floor protection

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vinyl floor protection - Brady 97616

Brady 97616 17" Diameter B-819 Vinyl, Yellow on Black Floor Safety Sign, Header "Protection Area", Legend "All Through Traffic Use Designated Walk Way"

Brady 97616 17" Diameter B-819 Vinyl, Yellow on Black Floor Safety Sign, Header "Protection Area", Legend "All Through Traffic Use Designated Walk Way"

Designed to warn of hazardous areas, putting valuable safety information at the point of need. The highly visible 17 inch diameter Brady Floor Safety Signs are designed to warn of hazardous areas or provide valuable safety information. The clear anti-slip surface will help to prevent accidental falls while protecting the graphics underneath. Adhesive can be applied to most clean, dry and smooth floors. Brady B-819 is a surface printed vinyl with a velvet embossed rigid clear vinyl overlaminate. Brady B-819 is used to mark aisles, point out safety equipment and exits, and enforce protective equipment requirements. Overlaminating film exceeds industry safety standards for non-slip surfaces (ASTM D 2047). Not recommended for outdoor use. Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Surface printed vinyl overlaminated with velvet embossed rigid clear vinyl substrate. 7 Gardner units gloss.

86% (7)

Franciscan University of Steubenville - Saint Thomas More Residence Hall

Franciscan University of Steubenville - Saint Thomas More Residence Hall

Architect: MacLachlan, Cornelius & Filoni, Inc.
Massaro performed renovations on this residence hall in five phases. Renovations to the facility included the addition of new communication and data systems, sprinklers throughout the building, lounge areas, a chapel, and a below grade mechanical room. New windows, vinyl flooring,
carpeting, interior and exterior finishes, plumbing services, waterlines, and a fire protection system unit were also installed.

Hospital stairwell before application

Hospital stairwell before application

Here is a picture of the hospital stairwell before applying BianCoat. This heavy traffic area can be difficult to clean and maintain but with BianCoat dirt becomes easy to remove and the flooring is protected from scuff/heel marks as well as wear and tear.

vinyl floor protection

vinyl floor protection

Brady 92406 17" Diameter B-819 Vinyl Film With Clear, Matte Anti-Slip Overlaminate, Black On Yellow Color Floor Safety Sign, Legend Ear Protection Area (With Picto)

Brady B-819 floor safety sign 92406 designed to warn of hazardous areas, putting valuable safety information at the point of need. Vinyl film with clear, matte anti-slip overlaminate material, Legend is "EYE PROTECTION AREA (W/PICTO)" black on yellow color. Measures 17" diameter. Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive type, surface printed vinyl overlaminate material with velvet embossed rigid clear vinyl substrate type, adhesive properties are adhesion to steel (PSTC-1), 15 minute dwell (average) 118 ounce/inches (129 N/100mm), ultimate dwell (72 hours) (average) 237 ounce/inches (259 N/100mm), tack (ASTM D 2979) (average) 1776 g (17 N), drop shear (PATC-7) (average) - 22 hours, abrasion resistance (method 5306 of U.S. federal test method standard number 191A) is H-22 wheels, 1000 g weights, overlaminate material. withstands up to 3700 cycles, 7 gardner units, average outdoor durability is not recommended for outdoor use.

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