Remove Paint From Wood Floor

remove paint from wood floor

    wood floor
  • Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Bamboo flooring is often considered a wood floor, although it is made from a grass (bamboo) rather than a timber.

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remove paint from wood floor - PEEL AWAY



The Peel Away 7 System is an environmentally safe method of removing up to 32 layers of paint in a single application from most surfaces and there are no fumes and no flammable solvents. The Peel Away system includes a paste that is spread or sprayed over the surface to be stripped and then covered with fibrous laminated paper which controls evaporation, and is left on until all of the paint is dissolved for easy collection of the waste. Coverage is 10-12 sq feet per quart. Does not include the Peel Away cloths.

76% (8)

Taylor Bridges, CS 82 in Peru!

Taylor Bridges, CS 82 in Peru!

Here’s a photo of Tyler Bridges at work on Saturday in Peru. From Tyler: "I hooked up with an Evangelical church group. We drove 45 minutes to the outskirts of Lima, to what’s called a “Pueblo Joven,” or young town.

We worked on a home in a neighborhood known as Huaycan.

The Pueblo Joven in Huaycan was created four years ago on a dirt hillside. This scene has been repeated hundreds of times over the years by settlers creating the outer neighborhoods of Lima. A group of folks simply occupy vacant desert land. First they build straw shacks. A year or two later they put up homes out of cheap wood. Plastic tarps serve as the roofs.

We fixed up one home on Saturday. It actually consisted of three different structures next to each other. Each one has a dirt floor. The church chose the site because a woman lives there with five children – one of them in a wheelchair. (I don’t know how she gets up and down the dirt trail to the flat land below.) We also delivered a donated bed and some clothes.

We removed the paint from the four walls of the main structure (which has two rooms) and then repainted it. We also repositioned the tarps on two of the other one-room structures. One of them is where they have a spigot of water (their only source of water) and a toilet that flushes when water is dumped into the bowl.

The children jumped up and down when we arrived, and were running around with excitement while we worked. The mother cried in giving thanks after we were done.

It was satisfying to brighten the home of one family – realizing of course that there were dozens of other families we didn’t help. I am guessing, however, that in 10 years this poor neighborhood will have improved. They’ll probably have cement floors and something resembling kitchens.

Best, Tyler"



I have taken on the long process of removing all the paint from my built in hutch. What you see here took three hours to do. I will then stain it to its origional dark finish. All the wood in the house will be dark stain after I strip it. All except the kitchen and bathroom; they will be painted white.

remove paint from wood floor

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