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Pelvic Floor Lift

pelvic floor lift

    pelvic floor
  • The supportive network of muscles that extends from the pubic bone to the tailbone with openings for the urethra and anus as well as the vagina in women.

  • The muscular base of the abdomen, attached to the pelvis

  • The pelvic floor or pelvic diaphragm is composed of muscle fibers of the levator ani, the coccygeus, and associated connective tissue which span the area underneath the pelvis.

  • The floor of the abdominal cavity. It pertains to those structures that form the natural bottom of the pelvic and intra-abdominal cavities.

  • A device incorporating a moving cable for carrying people, typically skiers, up or down a mountain

  • A built-up heel or device worn in a boot or shoe to make the wearer appear taller or to correct shortening of a leg

  • the act of giving temporary assistance

  • aerodynamic lift: the component of the aerodynamic forces acting on an airfoil that opposes gravity

  • raise: raise from a lower to a higher position; "Raise your hands"; "Lift a load"

  • Something that is used for lifting, in particular

pelvic floor lift - 3B Scientific

3B Scientific H20/4 6 Part Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments, Vessels, Nerves, Pelvic Floor, Organs, 7.5" x 10.6" x 7.5"

3B Scientific H20/4 6 Part Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments, Vessels, Nerves, Pelvic Floor, Organs, 7.5" x 10.6" x 7.5"

This life size six part model of a female pelvis represents detailed information about the topography of bones, ligaments, vessels, nerves, pelvic floor muscles and female genital organs. It presents the whole pelvic floor with partially removable midsagitally sectioned external anal sphincter, external urethral sphincter, deep and superficial transverse perineal and bulbospongiosus. The rectum, uterus with fallopian tubes, ovaries and vagina are also removable and can be disassembled into both halves by midsagital section. The right pelvic half demonstrates the divisions and topographical anatomy of the common iliac artery, the external and internal artery and also of the common iliac vein and the external iliac vein. The right sacral plexus, right sciatic nerve and right pudendal nerve are also shown. Bones and ligaments presented: Two hip bones, the pubic symphysis, the sacrum and the coccyx, the fifth lumbar vertebra with intervertebral disc. A midsagital section through the fifth lumbar vertebra, sacrum and coccyx, allow both halves of the pelvis to be disassembled revealing a part of the cauda equina in the vertebral canal. The left half of the fifth lumbar vertebral body is removable. The right half of the model shows the following pelvic ligaments: inguinal ligament, sacrotuberous ligament, sacrospinous ligament, anterior sacroiliac ligaments, iliolumbar ligament, anterior longitudinal ligament, interosseous sacroiliac ligament, posterior sacroiliac ligament and obturator. This model is great for detailed study of the female genital and pelvic anatomy. Measures 7.5" x 10.6" x 7.5".

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I LIFT mine eyes against the sky,
The clouds are weeping, so am I;
I lift mine eyes again on high,
The sun is smiling, so am I.
Why do I smile? Why do I weep?
I do not know; it lies too deep.

(I Know Not Why By Morris Rosenfeld)

LIFT Poster

LIFT Poster

LIFT : Rockwell at Balou Club (Tallinn) made with the support of rck_cnd

pelvic floor lift

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